Our Team

A 21st Century Agency


As a modern digital agency, we’ve done away with fixed and limiting office space. Instead, our team works flexibly from countries around the world, including the UK, Spain and Namibia. We’re readily available to clients on video or over the phone, and have been for years, allowing us to work with international brands and local businesses in multiple countries. 

Fred Ryder


Jo Kirby

Accounts & Content Lead

Julia Stone

Content Creator

Pete Bath


Matt Debnam

SEO Lead

Tharshan Sivasu

PPC Analyst

Nick Gomez

Content Creator

Sean McLeod

SEO Analyst

Patrick Rees

PR Executive

Talent Network

As a multi-talented team, we’ve got a breadth of experience but we don’t know everything. Thankfully, our network includes a trusted group of consultants and freelancers who offer a diverse range of skills in advertising, development, creative and more. For projects that need a bonus skill, there’s always our rolodex of talent to fulfill your needs.

Interested in a remote working job or joining our Talent Network?