WordPress Website Security

Here’s why security matters and what we do to keep your website safe

Website Security

Don’t let hackers ruin your business and your reputation

WordPress is (rightly-so) hugely popular. Unfortunately this makes it a target for hackers. We work tirelessly to keep your website malware-free. If your website does get hacked, we’ll fix it for you at no extra cost.

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What happens if I get hacked?

A swift response is essential - the last thing you want is to get blacklisted causing damage to your Google ranking, losing you £0000s of SEO investment. We’ll make it our priority to get your website repaired and then let the search engines know that your website is clean and tidy.

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How we protect your website

WordPress Security Layers

Our multi-layered approach

Some might say we’re a little fanatical about security, but it’s necessary and we love it. A great day for us means adding a new security layer to our stack. (Not everyone’s idea of fun!)

1. Denial of Service Attack protection

If someone trys to attack your website and bring down the servers by firing thousands of bogus requests at it per second (using a kitchen toaster BotNet) we'll hoover up this bad traffic to keep your website live.

2. Web application firewall

This is the gatekeeper. It keeps suspect traffic out while letting your genuine customers in. The WAF’s rules are tailored specifically to WordPress threats so it’s 100% relevant to your website.

3. Continuous malware monitoring & scanning

Even with the best exterior defences available hackers can still find ways in. We monitor and scan your site continuously, seeking out and destroying any nasties that may have made it in.

WordPress Malware Scanning
WordPress Updates

4. Stong Password Enforcement & Login Blocking

We enforce the use of strong passwords - it’s a simple but extremely effective line of defence. And just in case anyone tries to ‘brute force’ (guess) their way in, we‘ll lock them out.

5. Regular WordPress Core & Plug-in updates

We update plug-ins and the WordPress Core to keep holes patched and backdoors closed. We’ll also tell you about any dodgy old plug-ins you might be using.

6. Daily Back-ups

We regularly back-up your website and store the back-ups in a different location. With the rise of ransomware attacks, robust back-ups are an essential part of our fortress.

... and a few more little secret tweaks

We’re constantly improving our security measures in response to the ever-evolving threat landscape. There’s no sitting-easy, but building defences against threats is where we get our kicks.

WordPress Secure Backup

Help, I've been hacked!

Clean My Site

The Super Security (Cyber Security) extras

If you want us to dive deep into your website to find holes & vulnerabilities, we’ll be only too happy to help. We love this stuff...

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

If your website processes sensitive information it’s worth considering a controlled ‘break-in’. We challenge our security researchers to weezle (or smash) their way into your website to find the holes.

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Code Review

Code Review

Analysing your website’s codebase can throw up all sorts of surprises. We can systematically hunt down security flaws and implement best coding practices.

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