As a company, and as individuals, we are aware of the importance of our carbon footprint. Climate change is a global concern that we all need to play our part in reducing. One of the ways we worked towards this in 2020 was to fund the planting of 1000 trees to help offset our, and our clients, carbon footprint.

Who Planted These Trees?

We used Terra Neutra to offset our carbon footprint because they share our goal of reducing the carbon output of the world, not just aiming for carbon neutral, and thereby reversing the impact of climate change. Through their projects, we were able to fund the planting of 1000 trees in Madagascar.

Terra Neutra runs lots of projects and has packages that help individuals, families and businesses to make a financial contribution to a local project. On tree planting in Madagascar, they say this:

“Madagascar is the largest natural rainforest in the world but 2% of it is lost to deforestation every year. We have teamed up with our new ecopartner Graine de Vie to help them plant more trees and in so doing, fight climate change and support the local communities in the region.’

Why We Offset Our Carbon Footprint

Secure Site Digital is a modern, international digital marketing agency without a single fixed office. We were working remotely long before the pandemic and will continue to do so afterward. In part this is to offer flexibility to our team, but it is also a conscious decision that allows us to minimise our environmental impact.

Since we don’t have to travel daily for work, we cut down on carbon emissions from driving or even public transport. We don’t waste heating or electricity for a space larger than we need, since we all work from home. We are also a paperless office, cutting down on paper and other waste.

There is certainly more we can do and we are always looking out for ways to improve our environmental impact, both as a company, and as people on planet earth.

Learn More About Climate Change

Learning more about climate change and the impact of actions that we as people can take, and that our governments and countries are doing, can be found all over the internet. One place to start is the website Climate Conference, which was started as a passion project by members of the Secure Site Digital team.

Check out Climate Conference UK