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Step One
Set-up wesbite on server

Get you set up

First, we’ll be in touch to say hello. We then find out everything there is to know about your website. When we have all the info together, we get to work on migrating your website over to us.

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Lock it down

Once your website is on our system, it’s time to bullet-proof it. First we install your Security Certificate (SSL) to secure the connection to your customers (this also helps boost your Google ranking). We then assess the website for vulnerabilities and fix any problems we find.

Secure my site
Step Two
Secure Website
Step Three
Secure Website

Turn the dial up to 11

Time to super-charge your website! We optimise the images and code to ensure fast delivery to mobile devices. Finally, we add your website to the CDN, boosting security & perfomance and making your website accessible the world over.

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Help you grow

See us as your ‘in-house’ team of website experts ready to help you grow your business. We’ll be standing by to answer questions, sort problems, give advice and chat website whenever you need.

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Step Four
Secure Website
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